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Take A Vacation And Reform Yourself And Your Outlook

Burnout. That’s a word that none of us want to experience when we are talking about our work life. To combat burnout we recommend taking a trip and seeing some new scenery. It is widely known that vacations can help bring renewal to our souls. Here are some thoughts about how to take that trip, and bring true refresh to your busy life. Continue reading

Reinventing the True, Beautiful You

Beauty is not just skin deep. For some, beauty is all about what’s above the skin. For others, beauty comes from within. It is ironic, that those who have a beautiful aura and beautiful skin are those who have calm minds, and lead a stress-free life. It is ironic because these are the very same people who don’t really care about wrinkles, blotches, and stretch marks.

This is not an easy thing to accept. Women are regarded highly and praised for their beauty. The beauty standard however has been stirred and influenced by a lot of factors including fashion, fads, industry, and men. But seldom is beauty – as defined by society – really about women being women. It is true that nowadays, a lot of women (and men) go to spas to have themselves pampered. It is also true that the it takes a lot of self-confidence for a woman to stand up and be what she was meant to be.

The problem with all this stress is that it leads to bigger problems. A stressful life , for instance, has been proven to be a rife nesting place for diseases and skin problems. Bad days have been proven to lead to skin and hair problems. It has also been proven that excessively stressful environments lead to a lower resistance to cancer. Lately, with an affluent society, there have also been an increase in skin cancer. This may be due to a lot of things, but mainly due to sun exposure. The more affluent and successful a woman is, the more she has to follow the dictates of fashion, including more sun and color. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between sun exposure, tanning and skin cancer. The more time spent exposed to the sun, the more the skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation. This is the same ultraviolet radiation which causes tanning. It it also the same UV radiation which is used in sunning salons.

Skin cancer is not an isolated phenomenon. It is more prevalent with light skinned people, who also happen to tan or burn quite rapidly under the sun. With men and women all over the country being fashionable and getting a natural glowing tan, a significant part of the population is at risk and this is why clinics that treat Skin cancer in Gwinnett County are growing fast.

Like in other countries, skin care treatment in Calgary believes that is best if the disease is diagnosed early. There are easy self-examination methods which can help detect early stages of skin cancer. For persons with relatives who have or who had skin cancer, there is a bigger risk involved. Family relations is also correlated with this form of cancer. It is thought that exposure to UV radiation, with an unhealthy lifestyle could trigger any genetic predilection to skin cancer.

A healthy lifestyle is not really an option. If you want to enjoy life, you can enjoy it while living a healthy lifestyle. There are more ways to enjoy living, than activities which put a person at risk for a certain disease.

5 Ways to Get Out of Debt and Save Money

 What do you do first? Pay off your debts or start to put money in a savings account? You can do both but you do have to be very strict with yourself and you have to have the commitment needed to do it. While it might seem a little odd to be paying money into a high interest savings account when you have debts to be paid, you do need a safety net for the future.

It is difficult to know where to start but if you follow these five tips, it will get you off on the right foot to financial freedom and will help you to change your life for the better.

  • Budget

Drawing up a budget doesn't mean you to spend less money on groceries. A financial budget is a must for any household. Write down all of your income, all of your outgoings and then work out where the savings can be made.

  • Consolidation

If you do it right, you can consolidate all of your debts into one payment and it will work out cheaper than what you are paying now. One way to do this is to refinance your home. Get quotes on home loans to lower your monthly payments.

  • Dedicate a Percentage of Your Salary to Debts

Setting aside a set percentage of your salary each month for debt payments makes sound financial sense. Have it automatically transferred to another checking account and, when your debts are paid or if you manage to lower your payments, keep on doing it. By then, you will be used to that figure disappearing from your salary and that will serve as your savings.

  • Save Money Every Day

Nearly everybody pays out more on a daily basis than they should do. Look for cheaper deals on your purchases and the money you save, put to one side.

  • Set goals, Reward Yourself

Set yourself specific goals, such as getting half on a debt paid off and then reward yourself when you achieve it. Use a little of your savings to have a special night out or a weekend away – just don't make it too expensive!

Getting yourself back on track financially can do wonders for your self-confidence and make you into a new person. Don't delay, get planning today.

Start Fresh by Going for a Retreat Trip Across North America

For most people, traveling is a perfect way to heal and start again. If you are this type of person, then you need to give yourself a break. When you want to break free from all the things that stress you out, then you have to set some time to leave whatever it is that you do and go for a trip. To spruce things up you can go for a customized travel package and go for a meditation trip instead. In doing so, you don’t necessarily have to encounter the bustling noise of the cities. You can just choose quiet places to visit where you can relax and meditate.

If you wish to travel North America and find the best places to relax and contemplate, here are some of the best places for you to visit:

Shambhala Mountain, Colorado. If you wish to find a perfect place to just be quiet, this is one of the best destinations in the US. The setting is like a camp where you can just do your thing while the others do the same. There are also Buddhist monks whom you can seek help from if you wish to learn more about meditation and reflection.

Rolling Meadows Retreats, Tulum, Mexico. If you wish to travel to Mexico, this is the place that you have to visit. Aside from being quiet, this place is also breathtaking. It is overlooking the Caribbean Sea. If you wish to visit the place, you can enroll in a weeklong retreat and you can follow a daily schedule where meditation and yoga classes are given.

• New York. This might seem like an irony of irony, but New York is after all, a perfect place for meditation. This is due to the growing number of meditation centers in the city. In fact, New York has a long standing history on meditation. Spiritualists have started teaching the value of meditation as early as the 1800′s. Thus, it has become a special part of every New Yorker’s life.

These are just a few of the amazing places to meditate and start fresh. If you wish to select the places you want to visit, then go for a customized tour package. Learn more about these North American tours here.

Transforming Your Living Space: Creating the (Wo)Man Cave

Is there no room for you inside the house? Do you feel that everyone else has taken over corners or pockets inside the home that used to be yours? If you’re longing for that freedom and privacy and have your own quiet place to go to when things get a little crazy, why don’t you go ahead and create a woman cave? It doesn’t have to be elaborate. The point is to have a place that you have all to yourself where you can be creative, be at peace and be free.

Why call it a woman cave? It is of course, a play on the new and hip term man cave which is the place in the house or outside of the home which is reserved for the sole purpose of recreation or entertainment for male members of the household. So this could be a rec room where they can shoot pool or play Halo 3 until the wee hours of the morning.

Your woman cave, on the other hand, can be the small supplies room where you can transform one corner into your creative center. Here, you can set aside space and a few hours each day to focus on your favorite hobbies: crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking or writing on your diary. If you only have very little time each day, you can spend at least 20 minutes inside your woman cave and meditate or just relax while sipping a cup of tea or listening to music. This quiet, private, “me – only” time can do wonders in changing your attitude and perspective of life.

Much Larger Space

For other people, a small corner inside the home is not enough. They need a much larger space that is located farther away from the home. For this purpose, you can make use of storage room rentals or take advantage of scheduled shipping container sales. These units are second hand and have been refurbished to serve as campers or storage facilities. You can get them at really good prices. The trick is knowing exactly when is the best time to secure a unit which you can slowly transform into your private sanctuary. There are different sizes of shipping containers, and you can find out more about them at the Corkd website.

You can convert one old shipping container to a warehouse for your old clothes, doll collection, collection of music or Hollywood memorabilia. You can also store cherished heirloom pieces, such as pieces of furniture you inherited which look out of place inside your home. Some women convert this place into a studio where they can paint, draw or dance. Others take the time to decorate the shipping container, add air conditioning to it and turn it into a small office for their business. The possibilities are truly endless.

Naturally, it is also up to you if you want to share your private space with your loved ones. But if you ask my advice, don’t. It’s healthy to find pieces of yourself back where you have left them at different points of your life. You don’t have to change completely to become a better person, you just have to rediscover what made you happy in the past and how you can call on those memories to transform into that happy and optimistic person once again.

Will Cosmetic Surgeries Make You Happier?

We see in magazines and TV that the solution to body dissatisfaction is body alteration procedures. You want fuller lips? Go for lip augmentation. Those eyebrows are not defined enough? Try browlift. No matter what you find unsatisfactory in your body, science can change it.

People who undergo cosmetic surgeries say that they do it to boost their self-esteem. And this is understandable. Who wants to live the rest of their lives with such a huge nose? But do people who had cosmetic surgeries really find happiness and contentment after?

Psychology says yes, most of those that alter their bodies in any way feel much better if the goal is achieved. For example, a girl who wants bigger boobs had breast implants performed by a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Now her boobs are fuller and she is quite happy. But if something wrong happens with the fake boobs months later, then she will be depressed and regretful. This is the same for any step people take to improve their bodies. The moment they do something about their perceived deficiencies, their confidence is boosted. A person who begins to exercise and go on a diet to lose weight will feel better about him/herself.

Science also tells us that those who had cosmetic surgeries were happier than those who did not. A recent study researched on the psychological effects of plastic surgeries among 550 participants. It involved three groups: people who had plastic surgery, people who wanted to have a job done but didn’t pursue it, and people who never thought of having plastic surgeries. It found out that those who had cosmetic surgeries were happier, felt healthier, more attractive, and felt better about themselves than those who did not have surgeries.

The Darker Side

But it doesn’t end here; there are always two sides in an equation. Most patients who have cosmetic surgeries suffer from a mental disorder called body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). Sufferers of this illness have wrong perception or imagination of deficits in body appearance. These patients undergo a lot of cosmetic surgeries to correct the imagined body abnormalities, but of course their dissatisfaction cannot be lifted because it exists in the mind. A 2000 British study published in Psychiatric Bulletin found that three-quarters of BDD patients were dissatisfied with the outcome of the surgeries.

The bottom line, then, is to assess yourself if you have realistic expectations of the surgery. Do you think the surgery will transform you into a hot supermodel? Or do you think the surgery will improve one aspect of your body that you’re truly unhappy with? It is important that you set your expectations so that you stay grounded on the reality that surgeries will not transform you into a different person.

It is also important that you undergo surgeries under the hand of trusted professionals to avoid grave mishaps. Do a thorough research on the most credible clinics in your state. You can find some of the best plastic surgeons in Fairfield in Fairfield Plastic Surgery.

If you use cosmetic surgeries in the right way with right intentions, then it can definitely boost your confidence and overall satisfaction with yourself. At the end of the day you have only one body and you have no other choice than to be happy with it. 

Eat Raw for a Healthier You

Consumers have never been more conscious to stay healthy than now. We hear demands for organically grown foods with little or no synthetic chemicals. And this is a good thing; eating healthier foods will make us more physically fit and also significantly help us in dealing with stress. It is proven that a healthy lifestyle makes a person healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally.

As people grow to be more health conscious, raw foodists are taking the center stage in promoting raw diet as one of the healthiest diets. Raw foodists eat raw veggies, fruits, and meats primarily because of one principle: cooking destroys food enzymes that help us digest food and absorb nutrients. So cooked foods are viewed as less healthy than raw ones. Cooking can also introduce or increase the presence of harmful substances like fats.

These claims are scientifically supported, too. For example, it is known that cooking broccoli kills the cancer-fighting compounds found in this veggie. Vitamin C and folate are also destroyed by heat. However, not all foods are healthier when raw. Tomatoes are proven to contain three to four times more lycopene when cooked than raw.

What to Eat on a Raw Diet?

Raw foodists differ in their regime. Some are vegan while some eat raw animal products like raw milk, sashimi, raw fish (ceviche), and raw meat (carpaccio). Some are strict raw eaters, some allow some cooked foods for variety. Some also go on detox by consuming raw foods for 3 to 21 days. Then they either resume their normal diet, start to eat raw foods, or add more raw foods on their daily consumption. Whatever way you decide to take on raw diet, the important thing is to correctly follow procedures in preparing raw foods.

How to Prepare Raw Foods?

There are a number of ways to prepare raw foods depending on the food. Here are some:

Soaking and Sprouting

Seeds, legumes, beans, and nuts can be soaked in water overnight to make it suitable for raw consumption. Use organic seeds to make sure that the seeds are clean and healthy. After soaking, legumes, beans, and seeds can be sprouted by leaving them on a container for a few hours. Raw sprouts are high with nutrients so this is highly recommended.


Heating foods to eliminate liquid is an excellent way to prepare raw foods. If heated on a temperature not exceeding 118 F, nutrients and minerals are retained. This is done using a dehydrator. As mentioned in Nesco food dehydrator reviews, Nesco dehydrator is one of the best dehydrators on the market. It is convenient and heats the food evenly by releasing warm air from the fan and heating unit placed on the lid. Dehydrators can heat fruits, breads, croutons, raisins, and more. Check out food dehydrator reviews for more info here.


Fruits and veggies can also be blended to make raw shakes and smoothies. You can also add raw sweeteners like milk to make it even tastier. This is an excellent way to stay healthy and fit even during summer. 

The Importance of Good Quality Weight Benches

The era of the 1980′s ushered in a new consciousness in regards to personal fitness that ultimately started the “Health Buff” movement which saw the steady growth of gyms and work-out centers all over the world. Gyms were usually operated in private organizations such as the Y.M.C.A. and other sports training centers. Today, gyms can almost be found in every local community all over the world that caters to almost everyone who wants to develop their physical attributes along with their fortitude in physical endurance. These gyms offer memberships which offer very affordable rates and can sometimes only charge you on an hourly rate on a trial basis if you so ever choose to decide to become a regular member. And yes, gyms will try to outdo each other in attracting customers and regular patrons in regards to offering the lowest rates in their membership fee but be wary of most low rate gym membership fees since you usually get what you paid for.

Before considering to even sign up on a membership, have a look around the place in regards to the amenities that they offer, more particularly their equipment and their weight bench. Surely you won’t consider signing up for a gym membership without first taking a good look at the quality of the equipment that they have to offer their users. Good gym equipment should not be overlooked as your safety is concerned and making sure that each equipment from the dumbbells, barbels and weight benches are in good working condition. Most gyms with a high membership fee would certainly be giving your money’s worth in regards with providing you with the latest state of the art equipments that not only would provide you the convenience of a worry free use, but also an assurance that their equipment will not break down while you workout on them.

Gym equipments such as these www.bestweightbench.org, are considered as some of the most durable and well designed workout machines that you can rely on in regards to their durability and performance that are widely used in some of the most famous fitness centers all over the world. From the looks of these equipments alone, you’ll be sure that you will be getting the quality workout that you deserve along with getting the results that you want in achieving that lean and trimmed, toned look. For some people who can afford to buy a compact gym equipment such as a multi-functional weight bench, there are a few things that you have to carefully look for when deciding to buy one for your own personal use. Such things as quality, functionality, price and availability of after sales parts are just some of the important things that you may want to take into consideration prior to buying since are purchasing a small investment in behalf of your physical development.


Some weight benches may look similar in design and functionality, but taking a close hand look will reveal a variation of differences in every aspect of it’s comparative design. They may look the same, but taking a closer look at how it was put together will reveal that all is not the same. The first thing that you have to pay careful attention to is the welds on the joints and seams. Some low quality benches may pass off with having a lower price and most people would instantly fall for buying them because of it. Unknowingly to most, these weight benches were put together in a rather flimsy manner, only having a few spotted welded joints that could easily break off at any given time while you are using it. It is best to stay away from these sort of weight benches since your own personal safety might be compromised in exchange for the low cost that you had bought it.


Multi-functional weight benches can cost anywhere from $200 to as much as $600 dollars, and considering of how much it is going to cost, you may as well get the most out of it (Click here to read some reviews of the best models). Multi-functional weight benches can offer you a complete workout starting with your legs all the way up to your arms. A good versatile weight bench should be able to provide you with all the proper exercise on all of your muscle groups from leg presses, arm presses and arm curls. Considering that it is a bit expensive at first, you will save a lot in the long run in regards to membership fees and provide you the convenience of being able to comfortable work out in the comfort of your own home.

Availability of Parts:

Most commonly consumable parts that are frequently replaced on weight benches are the upholstery on the seat and backrest, along with the weight cables and in some occasions, the hinges that make up the lateral rm exerciser. For high-end weight benches, these parts are composed mostly of bearings that provide many years of service as long as you maintain the proper application of lubricants such as light oils and grease to maintain the bearings suppleness. Most high priced weight benches are given a warranty by their respective manufacturers which pretty much extends the usability of their product even after their warranties have lapsed.

Improve Your Relationships for a Happy Life

It's strange how we work day and night in order to meet our basic needs and do what our society expects people of our age to do. The late nights, extra hours, weekends, and the trips abroad seem endless. And mostly we do all these things to have financial security and a sound financial future. With all that said and agreed, ironically the kind of happiness that we derive from a cup of tea on our porch with an old friend cannot be beaten by a cafe mocha in a fancy restaurant with a business client. The happiness we get after getting together with family and sharing a meal at home simply does not compare with the expensive dinners in fine dining restaurants. Therefore, the quality of your life, and the happiness and contentment you find in it is directly proportional to the quality of relationships that you have with your family and friends. Let's go through a few changes we can do which can drastically improve how we look at ourselves and manage our ties and bonds with the people who really matter the most. 

Make Time for Parents
People who still have their parents or parent alive, are extremely blessed. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, we are often unable to give the appropriate time to our parents. No expensive gifts that you can shower them with can replace your presence, your kind words and your time. Parents spend their whole lives building the people whom we have turned out to be. In return, the least that we can do is make time for them. Plan a vacation with your parents every once in a while and bond with them. There are many vacation packages that are available, for instance, check out Funjet Vacations for holiday ideas and book a trip that will create new memories. 

Scrutinize Your Married Life
The person we promised to be the best with, spend our life with, becomes the number one on the list of those who we tend to take for granted. Having a loyal, sincere and loving partner does not mean that he or she is not going anywhere and that it's okay to vent out frustration and stress collected from work. Our spouses needs the best version of ourselves that we can be to build better relationships with. It is a fact, happier partners become happier parents, happier parents foster happier children and their personalities are groomed way better than those children who have an unpleasant environment at home. Thus, scrutinize the places of your marriage that need more sizzle and effort. If he has not complimented you in a while, then give him a reason to. So you’ve lost your youth, but appeal is easy enough to gain and regain. It’s usually all about attitude, but it’s also okay to check out options for looking more attractive for your spouse. For example, you can enroll in a gym and reap the benefits of the endorphin rush that comes from physical activity. There is also this amazing place for breast augmentation in Minneapolis here. Or, if you're in New York, breast augmentation services can be had at http://www.nygplasticsurgery.com/plastic-surgery/breast-enhancement/breast-augmentation.php. Men should also think of sprucing up their looks for their better halves, lose the belly fat with weight loss tips, look sharper and treat her like a queen for the things she does for you.

How Remodeling Your House can Create a Better You

Whether you believe it or not, the change that you make in your house may also create changes in your personality. It might seem irrelevant at first glance, but it can actually bring about the changes that you have always longed to have. First of all, you have to understand that the changes in your surroundings may affect the way you think and the way you view things. This is simply human nature. We are affected when we see that there are changes in things around us. Whether these changes are positive or not, we will be affected in one way or the other.

Furthermore, if these are positive changes, especially with the overall appearance of your house, then you will feel much lighter. It will seem like all the problems and burdens you have had in the past have all gone away. You will now see a new and better perspective since you are no longer reminded of the pain that the past has caused you.

The best part is that you don’t even have to spend a lot just to create the necessary changes. When you hear about remodeling, you might think about expensive changes right away. However, the truth is that remodeling may be cheap relative to the kind of changes that you wanted to happen. Besides,
if you are hiring an affordable contractor, it will be a lot easier for you to deal with financial issues. You may also deal with changes one step at a time. You don’t want to pour out all your expenses at once if you can’t afford doing so. This might just bring about stress instead of positive changes.

If you are really interested in being able to view the world differently, you need to start planning about the type of remodel that you wanted in your house. You must also have a clear vision of what you wanted to see in your house or in your future in general. This might just be a simple move, but it can change you in many ways that you have ever imagined. If you wanted to get Slideoo services in remodeling, you can visit this.

How to Brush Teeth With Braces

Having a mouth full of metal can be embarrassing, not to mention painful. But even worse is having food sticking out of your braces. Even that’s nothing compared to what happens when you spend the duration of your time in braces not brushing your teeth, or brushing them wrong. Teeth end up stained, but the braces leave bright, brilliant white spots. Learn how to brush correctly with braces.

When to Clean

Immediately after getting your braces on or tightened, make sure the orthodontist or dental hygienist at the orthodontist, does a thorough cleaning. This can make your teeth look wonderful and it can reduce some of the pain and inflammation.

Once you get home, it’s important to clean after every meal. This especially true if you have invisible braces. Purchase a traveling toothbrush to clean those pearly whites while at work or at school, after lunches or even snacks. The wires are just the right size for food particles to get stuck in them.

If you forget a toothbrush or don’t have one on hand, compromise by swishing water around in your mouth.

General Brushing

There aren’t a lot of differences between brushing your teeth with and without braces. It’s just that when you have braces, it’s extra important to keep them clean. Start by using water or mouthwash and swishing it around in your mouth and then spitting it out. This will loosen food particles that can get caught and stuck.

Then, use your toothbrush to go over every surface, including the fronts, backs and sides of teeth, the chewing surfaces, the roof of your mouth and your tongue. When you’re done, you should be able to see the edges of the braces and they should look clean.

Extra Care for Braces

It’s likely that your orthodontist will provide you with a little Christmas tree brush, a stick that has tiny brushes on it that can easily be stuck up between the teeth and the wires, further dislodging food. This brush can be perfect for on-the-go because it catches the things that get stuck.


Flossing is an essential part of brushing teeth correctly, especially when wearing braces. The orthodontist will say it every time you go in – and he’s not joking. Flossing not only removes food that the brush misses, it also catches other tartar and buildup.

Still, flossing with braces can be challenging because of the wire, but don’t make the mistake of skipping it. Instead, look for a floss threader, which are at most stores. These are little hoops that are easy to maneuver under the wires and will pull the floss with them. That way, you can effectively floss between your teeth.

The Aftermath

After brushing, cleaning the wires and flossing, rinse again, preferably with mouthwash.

Dangers of Poor Oral Care

Not taking care of your teeth can have serious consequences. On top of ugly stains, which is why you should avoid dark soda, certain oral health problems, such as gingivitis, periodontitis and decalcifications, are also dangerous. When you’re not brushing correctly or regularly, these issues become far more common, and with the difficulty of proper tooth care with braces, they can become a serious risk.

Brush your teeth correctly so when your braces are removed, you’re rewarded with a straight, clean and beautiful smile you can’t wait to flash.

Meet your Appointments on Time

When you are seriously climbing up the career ladder, the first thing you need to work on is being prompt on all your meetings. Getting there right on time has a lot of benefits:

  • It will give your business associates the impression that you are actually intent on getting things done properly.
  • You will be able to perform better when you are not pressed for time.
  • You will get a head start on all your to-do things.

Being on time may mean adjustments on your lifestyle. No matter how stressful your workdays are, you need to find an effective stress debugger to allow you goodnight sleeps that will then transcend to waking up early.

With traffic as a huge factor that could stop your road to success, you must also find a way around it. In the light of chasing traffic, facing a DUI arrest can keep you off track just like that. To get around easily, you need the assistance of a Tulsa DUI lawyer who is well experienced in navigating through Oklahoma courts.

Become a Better Professional

Becoming a better professional entails work, not just on getting up from the bed early and finding your way around traffic. You also need to work hard making great first impressions not just within your work surrounding but also with your outside dealings. The people in your business circle must see the fire burning in you. Otherwise, they might not take you seriously. Here are some other tips on how you can be poised to succeed in a promising career:

  • Take your career seriously. If you think of work as simply work, you might not have the commitment to embrace a positive attitude towards it.
  • Be ambitious. You need to have long-term goals to aim for success.
  • Be versatile. Be ready to walk a mile or change plans entirely to deliver better outputs.
  • Be an effective team member. Addressing the need for others in the team will boost your climb all the way up. It can’t be a one-man-show.
  • Improve your communication skills.

The New “Drug Lords”

Want to hear a scary statistic? It seems that more teens die from prescription drug abuse than heroin and cocaine… combined! This is a frightening realization. That means that more kids are dying from the medicine in their cabinets than they are dying from the "dangerous" drugs on the streets. Former President Reagan must be turning over in his grave. Considering Reagan declared a "War on Drugs" back in 1982, arguably resulting in the persecution and imprisonment of a disproportionate amount of blacks than whites in the United States at the time, he might be surprised to find out who the new "War on Drugs" would imprison. If the real "criminals" were put in jail today, it would have to be the American Pharmaceutical Industry. The nice men in suits carrying around a briefcase or wheeling a small suitcase into a doctors office… they are the new drug dealers. And the new criminals? Young, predominantly white, middle-class teenagers. 

Teen RX Use 
Over the past 5 years, prescription drug abuse in teens has increased by about 30%. The crazy part about this new epidemic of teen drug abuse is that the traditional "drug players" aren't involved. Instead, the drug producers are reputable companies, not individuals tucked away in "crack houses" or "meth trailers." Next, the drug "sellers" are responsible and successful businessmen: charismatic, friendly and personable. The drug "transaction" is now multi-fold. The drugs are first being sold to doctors, doctors offices and hospitals. Next, they are being prescribed to individual patients. Those prescriptions are being filled by reputable pharmacies throughout the country. The same place that you get your cotton balls and nail polish… The same place that you get your toothbrush and shoe polish… That's where the drugs are being "distributed". Finally, the drugs are being taken out of home closets, out of medicine cabinets and off of shelves, taken into schools or onto the "street" and distributed further among those without an original prescription. If you know someone suffering from drug addiction there is are solutions but you have to research them on your own. Click here for information on addiction recovery. For information on drug addiction treatment in California, click here

Who's to Blame? 
So who is the culprit? Who is the "wrong-doer"? Following the logic of the "War on Drugs" the creators, distributors and takers are all criminals. So, in short, the system is flawed. And now, the biggest drug dealers in the world are legally selling and distributing their drugs with the support of the American government. It would be unfair to say that anyone "planned" this. It would be too cynical a notion to presume that anyone "wanted" this to happen. More than likely, money, the root of all evil, took priority over the well-being of our youths. Now that the problem has become obvious steps must be taken to ensure that this drug epidemic be stopped. We must take the Oxycontin, Xanax, and Percocet out of our cabinets and out of the hands of our teenagers. Professionals must step in and figure out a way to stop the drug circulation that is currently taking place. However, with an industry that resulted in about 84 billion dollars in annual profit in 2012 running the show, it might be hard to go up against such a "Drug Lord."